Put another drop one each once again, and repeat step 3. Registration feeding assembly 3. Check the values recorded on the label attached to the right front door. A full turn of the screw will shift the charging wire by about 0. Be sure to record it on the service label.

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Figure b Figure 9 Remove the backing paper from the trailing edge of the transfer drum sheet. Attaching the Transfer Drum Sheet Caution: The home position cannot be detected within a specific period of time varying from copier to copier after the Copy Start key has been pressed.

Full text of “Canon CLC , , Service Manual”

Analog Processor PCB 5. Use it to adjust the separation re-charging on environment adjustment value for single-sided copying and copying on the 1st side of a double- sided copy using special paper 1.

Do not insert a screwdriver or the like into the laser optical path at such times. If the problem still remains thereafter, shift SW1 back to its normal setting, and try to check other possible causes. Such a condition can cause toner to fly astray, soiling the inside of the copier. Adjusting the attraction position ATT-T xlc.



Hook the ball of the lifter cable on the pulley [5] of the lifter drive shaft, and wind the cable along the groove about 1. VRs that may be used in the field: Figure Figure 4 Remove the double- sided tape from the leading edge where holes are found of the transfer drum sheet.

Figure 8 Remove the two screws [6]. E is indicated normal? Actual number of copies. Cnaon gap of each sleeve using the S- Yellow 0. Remove unit, and clean.

Canon CLC 1120 Service Manual

The grid bias is at the upper control limit. This item is designed to prevent blocking of toner supplied to an empty hopper at high speed, as occurring at time of installation or hopper unit replacement. Paper Deck Mounting the Paper Level Indicator If you have moved the paper level indicator drive belt behind the front cover or the deck lifter when removing the front cover, perform the following to correct its position: Black Toner Concentration Sensor Asse Paper Deck B.

If you have cleaned the sensor, be sure to execute the following in service mode: Use it to adjust the separation re-charging on environment adjustment value for copying on the 2nd side of a double-sided copy using thin paper. Adjusting the Image Read Start Position Be sure to check the present point of attraction before starting the work.


Bk The notations used herein means the following: The values will return to default values upon replacement or initialization. ON 6 deck open solenoid SL drive signal 1: Cznon a fine-adjustment value for the transfer delay on side B of the transfer drum.

Canon CLC 1120, 1130, 1150 Service Manual

If yes, go to step When ‘0’, CL14 turns on. Adjusting the Nip nut for locking the fixing assembly a. Kindly make arrangements so that the old document may be replaced with the one being released.

Replace the original scanner motor End.

If the separation claw assembly is soiled with toner, change the stroke of the transfer sheet push-up solenoid.