He gave a first-person account of a tragedy so painful he could not tell it without tears in his eyes. Tomorrow Sun and a few passing clouds. How one college coach took on tragedy. Then all of the sudden, the whole tree gave and we all went under the water. Heather Bigler is a strong woman. The recruiting season was finally over in mid-summer, and the family was looking forward to getting away for a trip to a lake in northwest Minnesota.

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Heather ran to the back seat — where her baby boy’s car seat was dangling out of the car, the straps literally cut in half due to the force of the collision. Schoen will see the family photo taken just moments after Drake was born on Feb. The other two children were to make the trip as well, but begged bibler say a little longer. Log In Welcome, User.

West Virginia WVU is looking for its fifth straight tournament drun, this season. Click here to see our subscription options. We have all learned from Brad and Heather — and can continue to learn from their strength. Heather swerved to the left, but the collision was unavoidable. Hotel worker sex trafficking awareness bill passed by House.

Charges: Driver very drunk when he killed Minn. coach’s baby in other vehicle

Brad Bigler took over as dfake coach at the university in Marshall three years ago. Advertise with us Talk with a business consultant Media kit Classifieds. Wed, Feb 13, More from Star Tribune. Please check the opt-in box to acknowledge that you would like to subscribe. MADD also reports that 75 percent of offenders continue to drive — even with a bigleer license. The adrenaline had begun to consume Bigler, but he grabbed his wife, now sobbing at the sight of Schoen, and walked up the stairs.


Fort Madison Daily Democrat. We just want to educate people. The ambulance showed up minutes later, but not before Heather spotted a man just milling around outside, wandering with no real purpose.

Coach feels compelled to share story of infant son killed by drunken driver | West Central Tribune

Mark said the parents allowed them to stay back and come up with other family members later. Brad, Heather and their 5-month-old son, Drake, left around 7: Heather went in the ambulance with her son Drake, who was alive but unresponsive.

There is a hole that can never be filled But in my heart there is hope ’cause you are with me still In my heart, you live on Always there, never gone.

Click here to view the latest e-edition. Bigler and three male bkgler had just dumped excess water from their kayaks off the side of the Minnesota River. Submitted photo Heather and Brad Bigler are pictured last year with their four children, including 5-month-old Drake, who died in a crash caused by a drunk driver in Local State begins to see impact of federal agency shutdown How do you do it?


Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph. He was found on the pavement, unconscious, with a broken vertebra in his neck, and his ribs and numerous other bones bbigler as well.

Charges: Driver very drunk when he killed Minn. coach’s baby in other vehicle –

He said Dana was partying with some friends at the lake the Biglers would be headed to that night. He had also been convicted of gross-misdemeanor drunken driving infor drunken driving in and for reckless driving and speeding as well.

The Biglers had since learned the accident had marked the third time that Schoen was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Top 25 And 1: Drake Bigler’s items have been moved into the storage room.

Brad was taken in the second ambulance and Dane in the third. But if you have some planning prior to going out, you can make a lot better decisions.