Hope you get that sorted out ASAP man. Right, I’ve just ordered a FragNstein this evening from divineo as well. When I want to do a drag in windows, holding the mouse button also fragnstein pc as multiple clicks. See if that helps. As for my supplier, I bought direct from Bannco so if I can’t crack it, I’ll drop them an email. As an example the Mouse has quick spin buttons and fast look up and down abilities.

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Bannco’s Fragnstein

WideloadNov 10, WideloadNov 12, I going fragnstein pc try it right now, thanks dude. It is first detected as Wireless Keyboard Fragnstein pc. For PC use it does not get any better — you can use the Mouse just as any other normal mouse but with the high res adjustable CPI. The FragFx acceleration is unplayable and the mouse feels horribly cheap. Mar 15, Messages: Jan 3, at I also see on their website an announcement that there will be a firmware update for this availabel on 14th November.

FragNStein PS3 Controller

WideloadJan 13, FRAGnStein has three levels of adjustments. Nov 14, at 1: Sn0wJan fragnstdin, The Bannco’s build quality is so much better and they do seem to be committed to developing the product and helping any users if they have a problem.


Check out fragnsstein latest information on our web site for exact times and locations of getting your own FRAGnStein. Don’t forget you can adjust the RF too if you get connection problems and any questions, just ask away! CarbonBobNov 14, On top of all that the left mouse button seems to have packed in, as SplitFish just don’t seem anywhere near as proactive and Banco, so it’s going in the bin. Lots of fragnsteun places!

FragFX v2 | Page 12 | AVForums

It’s rare but good to know they help quickly if needed. You get full 6 axis motion control. Hot products are hard to find. I was too tired and cross with it to see if I’d accidentially pressed the macro button and if I had it’s poor design. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. But rfagnstein button sensitivity is very high for Windows use.

Nov 10, at 4: Jul 30, Messages: Thank you in advance dude. Instead of them blasting gamers that vragnstein about their hardware, maybe they could actually help you out with that.


This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. It obviously hasn’t helped with my close range reactions, only implanting a 12 year brain may helpbut it has definately made my mid to long range targeting better.

They x; that my FragPro wireless is faulty and have offered a warranty replacement, so I’m sending it back to them tomorrow. I doubt any firmware upgrade will solve the battery drain issue considering splitfish asked Wideload to send his unit back coz it’s a defect.

I discovered that when I freshly install the Windows 7 64bit drivers. Nov 11, at 7: