Maybe they changed the chipset used on the card since ? I found your site and decided to give the card a try. You can save a little more using a coupon code available at Techbargains. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: As I’m currently pimping my old Quicksilver and don’t want to spend money on it just for the sake of “more power” I’m checking all network cards I’ve at hand.

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Hi, I am not trying to install a dual boot option but I am using the Kalyway option.

Mac OS X PCI Ethernet Card Compatibility reports

I’m testing using two powermac g4s sawtooth’s one with the stock MHz proc, other with a 1. I searched the AppleDiscussionGroup for this card and found no entry good sign?

So I then searched realtek’s drivers page eethernet downloads and found this driver page. David ” ” I’m using an Asante Fast with the OSX driver from the website I used the driver for themy card says it is a but the model number doesn’t match anything on the website.

My recommendation, however, is that people just get the GA and forget all of this. No need for drivers.


Love the site, keep up the good work. Second, because alot of variation of PC hardware spesification, we need to know deeply our hardware. Then go to Network in System Preferences, hopefully it will appear.

kzlyway Changing the speed of the ethernet card using the advanced options in network made no difference. The Linksys was not recognized out of the box.

Retrieved from ” http: About singgihpraditya Gua cuma orang biasa, gak lebihgak kurang. Press agree to finish Choose your partition to install, if you want to costumize package first choose costumize before install. Audio needs Azalia patch LAN works out of box.

HCL 10.5.2/Desktops

The Ethefnet card was recognized and worked out of the box. This is a little strange, because the card had a reputation as a lemon under OS 8 and 9. The card runs with the built in kallyway under OS X Where en0 is whatever the BSD name is of your ethernet interface.

I had this issue when I was first testing my forcedeth driver for Leopard. Kernal Panic, Even Kalyway Fabrikanten van hardware leveren zelden drivers voor OS X. Thankfully, the new MacPros support jumbo frame on board. I can confirm that it works fine under OS X So I called Belkin again — several times. That does in some cases where PCI cards with native support don’t work initially. My PC’s Linksys card and the Asante card are identical in layout and in chips, except for the chip in the dead center, which has a Linksys label on one and Asante label on the other same chip, different label.


Based on your tip see prev.

I called Apple anyway. I quickly received an OS 8. The system seems to work just as before, just as fast, sleeps, etc.

That was functionally the same setup; it shared the dsl, using both built-in and pci ethernet ports. After a reboot the Ethernet connection initially comes up disabled unplugged but after a few minutes will enable itself and all is right with the world.

Need help with video and audio drivers Tags: Have not tried updating past This page does not cover