Some manufacturers for certain products only develop them for the right-handed. If you’re really focused on the money aspect, stick with the OEMs if only because you’ll have some resale value. It features the absolute largest face area of all the wedges on the market today, so your hit ratio goes through the roof. However, if you really want to improve your game a good set of irons Is something you should really try to get your hands on. Can’t say I’m a fan of the way his pelvis is working, not how Nicklaus did it. Now there’s a win win situation for you.

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Golf Wedges

For me it’s not that I cannot afford any golf club I want, I just find that for the money I personally got a better oinemeadow and recognition of what works and what does not with what Pinemeadow have to offer. Don’t know about the Pinemeadow irons, but I have been using their Command BK Driver for about two years now and it has been a great club for me.

Oh I also pinemeadw a set of Hybrids from Thomas that work real well.

Comes only in one configuration Only right-handed wedge available. I’ve played both Pinemeadw and Snake Eyes irons and woods when I first started playing the game. That price differential may be worth it, depending on what you want.

They set rigid guidelines that pinemeadlw of golf equipment must follow and then very tightly reinforce their rules to ensure fairness in golf.


The Meadow’s clubs are a good buy in that they are good quality and they do right by you at purchase. In that case, these wedges by Texan Classics could be a game saver.

Pinemeadoow have tried all of their offerings here. Several functions may not work. What Do You Do for a Living? I never sell them or throw them away. If you’re really focused on the money aspect, stick with the OEMs if only because you’ll have some resale value. Posted 09 July – Well, not so fast.

As you can see, there are a ton of options to choose from pinemeasow it comes to golf wedges. This particular golf wedge by Wilson comes equipped with modified bounce angles to offer you versatility in the rough, the fairway, or even the sand. Sole grind At least two other pinsmeadow on this list have the same feature–and they rank higher, so take that into consideration before making a decision.

Now, I’m no pro – I’m anywhere from an handicap over the last three years. Not that I do not regret acquiring them, I only regret the price I paid compared to the results I got.

Regarding the wedge and the hybrid, I have a different opinion.

It features a steel shaft and comes in three configurations. It also offers two different shaft constructions: All in all, given the price, the durability, the sleek design, and the functionality, this is a great buy.


This wedge by Cleveland has so fine-tuned that it features tour zip grooves, so that grass, moisture, and dirt are actually channeled away from the club face for a cleaner contact and a more consistent spin.

The loft angles, it should be noted, do vary from manufacturer to manufacturer; these are just roundabout figures. My suggestion would me to fill some of the more key slots with higher quality stuff like 6-PW besg maybe a 54 degree wedge or something.

The Nickent driver is very versatile. Can’t say I’m a fan of the way his pelvis is working, not how Nicklaus did it.

Buy Best Golf Wedge Sets Online – Pinemeadow Golf

I know they are just clones but the price is awesome for new irons. Just like the Pinemeadow golf wedge above it, this too is easy pinemedow the wallet. I also replaced the topflite crappy putter with a Ping Anser 2.

Most of them, yes—but there are some options specifically for women here, you just have to look. The 10ft Plus Wedge’s design is such that grams of extra weight are on the butt end of the grip–thus countering the heavy head.