Sound Most computer speakers have to make do with just one drive unit to handle the full spectrum of frequencies. Page 1 Page 2. Each of the MM-1s only takes up a 3. Amazon lets Alexa whisper into ears of Bluetooth Submitted by John Grandberg on December 18, – I downloaded and installed Audirvana on my Mac to see if it would play at higher bit rates than 48KHz.

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Audioengine had their A2 and A5 models already on the market by then but they looked decidedly more like traditional speakers and therefore reached for a different audience. Each speaker is roughly 7 inches tall, 4 inches wide, and 4 inches deep.

I did not have Exclusive Mode checked. The right speaker houses four watt Class D amplifiers, two of which power the left speaker. So why the MM-1, and why now?

Haven’t had a chance to hear it though. The silver metallic accents do more than just catch your eye – the right speaker features hidden volume controls and the top section acts as a heat sink for the electronics housed below.

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You May Also Want. Not sure why it should be generating so much heat considering these have digital amps inside. They were the ones who said it could handle 96KHz.


MM-1 is compatible with both Mac and PC.

Submitted by John Grandberg on December 18, – The right speaker houses all of the electronics. Cyber Monday sound bars deals available now: Also, the Soundmatters FoxL with the palm-sized FoxLo subwoofer is also one of the most compelling portable-size bluetooth speaker systems currently available.

Otherwise, we will reply by email shortly. Submitted by Tyll Hertsens on December 18, – 9: Music by Joan E. The speakers black cloth grilles and brushed metal trim are indeed tasteful; the shiny black and chrome remote is also pretty slick. Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Dec 1, I wouldn’t use these for serious &bw but all in all, I’m pleased with their muscality. Amazon lets Alexa whisper into ears of Bluetooth How about Monitor audio ws Submitted by branon on November 5, – 9: Quad ERA-1 review Part 1.

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Ask random folks on the street if they have heard of Wilson, Sonus Faber, Rockport, or Harbeth, and the answer will almost certainly be no. Quick Setup The MM-1s looked like &bw much fun that I resisted the urge to read the instruction manual.


If so, are you noticing the same readings as John?

So your computer speakers should be just as versatile. The MM-1s looked like so much fun that I resisted the urge to read the instruction manual.

Perhaps some limitation with the Atmel MCU is holding it back.

I had have these for a mm1 now Create new account Request new password. My only beef with these is that there’s a bit of hiss coming through the amp even with no km1 playing and the right speaker gets quite warm even when idling with no music.

Three essential connections need to be made: That’s why they can deliver the accuracy of a true hi-fi speaker. I ran into the same problem you did i.

Good review Submitted by twtpp on December 17, – 4: