Drag and drop the videos to your desktop or another folder in File Explorer to download them from the camera. Flip Video’s products have always been synonymous with simplicity, and that idea hasn’t been lost on FlipShare TV. However, for an automated photo slide show, there’s no control over interval timing. For those in the Flip Video fold who couldn’t care less about home networks, FlipShare TV is a simple, graceful way to enjoy family memories on your big screen TV. The camera can record 2 hours of high-def video x at 30 frames per second. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Regardless of the kind of computer and operating system on which you install the FlipShare software, if you have an active Internet connection when the software first launches, FlipShare checks Pure Digital’s servers for a new version.

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If you don’t have such an account, find someone who has both hsb to that Mac and an Administrator account, and ask that person to install the software for you. Functions are sparse, but the learning curve is smooth.

Whenever they add new content to a Flip Channel, everyone included in that channel can watch it instantly. Neither Windows nor the Macintosh supports this format natively with Windows Media and QuickTime software, respectively.

Disconnects, useless questions, time consuming with no results.

Cisco FlipShare USB Key (CTV1W-UB) – WikiDevi

The number of unsaved videos currently saved on your Flip camera is displayed in parentheses next to the Unsaved folder. Everything you need is right there on the camera. While it’s likely that most users will stay within Flip Video’s walled garden – that is, content transferred from Flip Video camcorders – it’s possible to import a limited number of video formats: However, for an automated photo slide show, there’s no flupshare over interval timing.


The remote is as simple as it gets: I was able to move the notebook to a position in another room nearly feet away, and the videos flupshare played without glitches.

This chapter is from the book. Write a review bdyafrucayafudazxcyzavvdcxrv. Then Windows takes a couple of seconds to recognize the camera and automatically install the proper drivers.

That’s when FlipShare TV is most useful.

Cisco FlipShare USB Key (CTV1W-UB)

The same library of video clips seen in the FlipShare computer software above will appear on your TV screen ready to play. You don’t have to rush home to use your computer, drag a laptop around with you, or purchase or download additional software.

Mac OS X allows only those with Administrator accounts to install software.

The software is buggy to the point that I would recommend flipsbare until it is fixed before buying. This computer can be your friend’s, your mom’s, or a school computer on which you’re allowed to install software.

In the resulting windows, agree to the license agreement, and enter your Administrator password when prompted. In Chapter 1, I mention that one of the advantages ub the Flip camcorders is that each holds a Windows- and Mac-compatible copy of the FlipShare editing software.


This chapter shows you how to install and configure FlipShare as well as use it to edit videos. Phillipines need I say more. Rated 2 out of 5 by Anonymous from Pass on this one for now This review is a simple one to write. The camera makes its little “ba-lip” power-on sound and starts charging.

Keep in mind that FlipShare TV may not be what you want to use when the video clips are fresh in the camcorder fflipshare the goal is to quickly view them on your HDTV.

No Longer Available Update Location close. You can fast forward or rewind a video or jump to the next or previous clip.

You attach the Bic lighter-like transmitter, called the USB key, to your Windows or Mac computer, which can flipshzre in a nearby room. Doing so can result in lost data. At first I placed my computer, a notebook, about usbb feet flipshhare the TV Base. I discovered, however, that at greater distances or with more obstacles in the way, the signal was lost. The FlipShare installer application launches.

Do not trust what you see on your screen, nor what you see in the manual.