Includes 10 pin 0. The interface connector is a standard 0. Breakout modules provide the smallest and simplest development hardware for the FT-X series of devices. The module provides power and a UART interface with full modem handshaking control.. Voltage levels set via onboard jumpers.

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In 5V mode, outputs are rail to rail for maximum reliability. RS communication is possible at up to kBaud.

Built to conform to a standard 0. Other packages are not affected. The board comes with the V-Eval software designed f2t232h provide board communication and control functions such as UART terminal emulation capabilities supporting application development and debug.

The development modules can be used for product integration to enable USB connectivity within existing product designs.

It is ideal for development purposes to quickly prove functionality of adding USB to a target design.

Evaluation Motherboard for evualuating the FT12X devices. PC to expand the number of interfaces that can be accessed downstream from a Host. The concept of the Morph-IC-II is to provide f2t232h ability to easily alter the function and capability of a silicon device via software, allowing multiple functions to be implemented within the same silicon, whilst reducing bill of materials and silicon cost.


Sample firmware is available here. An onboard level shifter is used to provide RS signal levels. Compact module features up to x ff2232h. Two 1×4 turned pin board headers with a standard 0.

The module is ready to use when plugged in to enable instant development work to begin. These include Ethernet, motor control, LCD and many others applications.

A programmers guide is available here. Vinco Graphics Display Example.

Development Modules

Modules with a part number ending XA are 0. Voltage levels set via onboard jumpers. Two 1×4, and one 2×4 board headers with a standard 0. In addition to bringing ft22232h all connections of the Vinco motherboard, there are three undedicated LEDs and two switches one dedicated to Reset.

Part Numbers sold separately: Please see section 10 page 17 of the Vinco data sheet http: Full hardware handshaking is supported. The interface connector is a standard 0.

Software re-configurability allows users to support multiple functions within a single silicon platform.


FTDI click

Powerful silicon development platform. The user may also define other interesting applications from the micro-controller board.

The parallel bus options are accessed via a 0. The module provides power and a UART interface with full modem handshaking control. Vinco Volt Meter Example.

Vinco Shield is a prototyping board ttdi interfacing additional custom circuitry to the Vinco motherboard. DCD and RI signals are also available. The wide range resources including FPGA reference designs, software utilities and samples also makes the module ideal as a low-cost educational platform.