IS 13252 PART 1 2010 DRIVER

Compliance is checked by inspection, by measurement and, where necessary, by the following test with the cord as delivered with the equipment. NOTE 4 The tests of 2. In a supply using more than one line conductor to a load, if a protective device interrupts the neutral conductor, it shall also interrupt all other supply conductors. UV radiation shall either – be adequately contained by the enclosure of the UV lamp or the enclosure of the equipment, or – not exceed the relevant limits given in lEC The above minimum creepage distances for connectors do not apply to connectors that comply with a standard harmonized with lEC , lEC , lEC , lEC or lEC , see also 1. Examples of constructions that are considered to meet the intent of this requirement include:

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IS 13252-1: Information Technology Equipment — Safety, Part 1: General Requirements

If such applicable test data is not available, compliance is checked by applying the electric strength test using a sample of approximately 1 m in length and by applying the relevant test voltage as follows: If necessary, the existence of 113252 hazardous energy level is determined as follows: These requirements apply for equipment to be operated up to 2 m above sea level. The scratches shall be at least 5 mm apart and at least 5 mm from the edge of the specimen. The effect of a telephone ringing signal is not taken into account.

If it is necessary to take special precautions to avoid the introduction of hazards when operating, installing, servicing, transporting or storing equipment, the necessary instructions shall be made available.

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If a positive temperature coefficient device is used, it shall pass pzrt tests specified in lECClauses 15, 17, J. It shall not be possible to push the cord back into the equipment to such an extent that the cord or its conductors, or both, could be damaged or internal parts of the equipment could be displaced. The choice of and position of temperature sensors shall be made so that they 2001 minimum effect on the temperature of the part under test.


Plugs and socket-outlets 1 6A V a. Information stating that the telephone cord is to be disconnected lart to opening the door is an example of an acceptable instruction.

All USER access doors and covers that, if opened, would allow access to higher emissions than those permitted above shall be marked with one of the following see also 1. Abnormal heat — Ball pressure test Fire hazard testing — Part 1 1: For eit is permitted to protect a circuit by earthing a part other than the protected circuit itself, for example, the secondary winding of a transformer supplying the protected circuit.

A force, in addition to the weight of the equipment, is applied downwards through the centre of gravity of the equipment, for 1 min. The insulation, including each element of double insulation, shall be rated for the working VOLTAGE, or if applicable the required withstand voltage, between the parts.

I – Rules for sampling and inspection – coated printed boards Table R. Safety of optical fibre communication systems lEC January 18, at 7: Compliance with tlie requirements of 2. NOTE 2 Internal circuits connected to a mains supply may require individual protection depending on reduced wire size and length of conductors. Compliance is checked by inspection and measurement and, if specified above, by the following resistor test on ten samples.

T2 is the temperature of the parts measured during the test of 4. Cord guards shall – be so designed as to protect the cord against excessive bending where it enters the equipment, – be of insulating material, – be fixed in a reliable manner, and – project outside the equipment beyond the inlet opening for a distance of at least five times the overall diameter or, for flat cords, at least five times the major overall cross-sectional dimension of the cord.


These indications shall not be located on screws or other parts that might be removed when conductors are being connected. Self-tapping thread-cutting or thread-forming screws shall not be used for the electrical connection of current-carrying parts, unless they generate a full form standard machine screw thread.

If a TNV circuit is connected to one or more other circuits, the tnv circuit is that 1352 which complies with 2. Compliance is checked by inspection and as detailed in 4. In the future amendment 2 to lEC Openings preventing the entry of the test finger, test b above, are further tested by means of a straight unjointed version of the test finger applied with a force of 30 N. NOTE If fuses complying with lEC are used in primary circuits, they should have high breaking capacity 1 A if the prospective short-circuit current exceeds 35 A or ten times the current rating of the fuse, whichever is greater.

Varistors for use in electronic equipment — 113252 2: NOTE 1 The limits of 2. The marking of rated operating time shall correspond to normal use. As an alternative to carrying out tests on the complete equipment, tests may be conducted separately on circuits, components or subassemblies outside the equipment, provided that inspection of the equipment and circuit arrangements indicates that the results of such testing will be representative of the results of testing the assembled equipment.

NOTE 7 Some of the parg specified can be hazardous to the persons carrying them out; all appropriate measures to protect personnel against possible chemical or explosion hazards should be taken.