The buttons on it were fairly quiet. My only thought on it is more batteries to carry around. There were no unexplained gaps or misaligned parts that I noticed. How to connect it. And you can say good-bye to worries about lost receivers.

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After Lenovo takes their chunk for the restore partition there is about 87GB left.

I would describe the sound as poor. I am someone who prefers a matte screen, but I thought the screen looked pretty good.

Lenovo N Wireless Mouse Price In India, Coupons and Specifications | payback

Certified BuyerHyderabad. It seems wlreless a reasonable trade-off to me as the parts are usually the most expensive thing. I wish notebook designers would put more effort here.

As you can see below the burn quality is excellent, not something seen with regularity on laptop drives. The higher resolution screen will allow you to see more of the screen, which is a nice plus.

Firefox can perform this task. They did not get very loud, and the sound was muted and lifeless.

I guess having an extra core comes in handy. Lenovo has covered all the bases in terms of connections. This is my first product from flipkart and it impressed me. I converted some Mp3 files into WMA files. I could open it with one hand. You can pick it up by the very corner and it does not protest in the least.


Lenovo N Wireless Optical Mouse – Lenovo :

The N comes equipped with a fingerprint reader something not wireoess on most consumer notebooks. So, it looks like Back side view large image. It uses OmniPass software to control the functions of the reader. I found it purely by accident.

I burned some CDs for use in my car. There are three vents on the N to help dissipate heat from the notebook; one on the bottom, one on the left side and one in the back.

There was a bit of leakage in the corners on the bottom of the screen, but it was only noticeable when the screen was black. When I first saw the N on NotebookReview.

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While gaming or running benchmarks, it was on close to all the time. The buttons sit farther away from the edge than I am used to. It is good for me in CAD Design purpose The fan would come one for 10 seconds or less then go off for a while.


It could remember passwords in Foxfire though it did not require a swipe to logon onto any password protected sites, but I did not delve into wirelesa too deeply. Is the battery is rechargeable or should I be disposed after drying the battery? Ports are conviently marked along the edge of the keyboard. It seems a little slow for a 24x burn, but more importantly I had no playback issues with the CDs.

To me it looks more like a consumer notebook with the silver skin, glossy screen and plastic case.

Lenovo N100 Review (pics, specs)

With the speakers located on the sides of notebook, I had high hopes for good sound. There are seven brightness levels. I carry around a card reader for use with my ThinkPad.